Location: Manchester, UK
Type: Residential, Private House
 Stage: Concept
 Year: 2019
 Size: 240m²
 Budget: Undisclosed
 Concept Fee: 1500.00 GBP
Rostherne Avenue is a three-bed semi-detached home that lies in Fallowfield, a suburb three miles south of Manchester; a major city in the northwest of England famous for its rich industrial heritage. The clients - a "elderly" retired couple - specifically wanted a lower level annexe that would help navigate the physical and mental changes that would diminish their ability to exercise this choice and control.
In response to this grim trajectory, Walls Can Be More brought out there creative streak with a completely glazed pavilion or solarium that takes the best advantage of natural light in every possible way. Within, a generous, fluid and almost uninterrupted multi-functional space - complete with bathroom suite, bedroom and calming place to sit and read - opens out on to a Japanese-style engawa, complemented by ornamental grasses, trees and a reflection pool.
Here in this solarium, it is our hope that the couple make the most of the next phase of their lives in visual and physical connection with the beauty and tranquility of the natural world and all the benefits it brings with it. This includes reduced blood pressure and stress, improved recovery rates, improvements in mental health and tranquility.
The new solarium for private clients - complemented by a Japanese style engawa - which can be easily accessed from the clients key existing living spaces: front reception and kitchen.
From the entrance, the couple will encounter a beautifully detailed open plan space that benefits from large naks of floor-to-ceiling glazing that not only draw in rich, morning light but also frame seductive view of the garden and landscape beyond. 
Within the bathroom suite... room not only makes the most of the rich textures and character of natural materials such as timber and stone but also dynamic trowel-on surfaces. 
A contemporary slatted timber ceiling provides privacy as well as allow a useful degree of natural light to illuminate the space.
An open and calming "sitting room" in which to sit and read with a sense of connection with the surroundings.
The pod features an integrated system that has been designed to solve all of the client's storage needs.
Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in the garden.  
.An enticing and serene bedroom - set alongside the sitting room and bathroom suite  - possesses an extraordinary synergy with the seductive surroundings. 
Large sliding glass doors enable seamless transitions between interior and exterior spaces.
A japanese style engawa - softened with planters and vines - from which to appreciate nature, the garden and the surroundings.
From the entrance, the clients encounter a beautifully detailed open plan space with just one solid "pod" containing a wet room.
A "wall" of timber fence panels, green curtains and ornamental trees along the eastern and western protect the inherently private couple from this, at times, very exposed rear garden. 
Easily accessed from the main living spaces, the landscaped engawa creates a outdoor area that can be used for taking breakfast in the morning or relaxing with glass in hand.
Low carbon design  features

Biophilic design features 
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