To turn something useful, practical, functional into something beautiful, that is architecture's duty.

Karl Friedrich Schinkel
22 Brixton Avenue
West Didsbury
M20 1JF
United Kingdom

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Walls Can Be More is a small and independent Manchester-based studio specialising in beautifully conceived and crafted architectural and interior design concepts that blur the boundaries between architecture and nature, inside and out.

To achieve this, we take our design inspiration from historic and modern Japanese architectural art techniques that express a mastery over the control of light, views, boundaries and the ever changing beauty of nature.   

Through this homage, our homes and places of work not only benefit from the freely available natural light and heat provided by the sun; they also deeply connect us, both visually and physically, to the peace and tranquility of the natural world.
Bringing the outside inside

Registered company no. 08558415
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